Our Brands

Crafty Cooking Kits® take a creative and sometimes humorous approach to baking. The kits are intended to teach and inspire creativity with artistic exploration in the kitchen. Crafty Cooking Kits® are separated into “junior” and “family” kits.

The In The Mix® product line is defined by its gourmet flavors, simplistic design and classic recipes with a twist. With kits such as the Salted Caramel Brownie to the Red Velvet Cupcake, the results taste so good they could be professional!

Festival represents our full line of party and décor essentials including sprinkles, decorating kits and whimsical housewares.

Acquired by Brand Castle in 2014, Aspen Mulling Spice Company® has been providing customers timeless spice creations since 1970. Each “milk box” contains a unique blend that can be utilized as an ingredient in recipes for beverages, snacks and desserts!  Since the acquisition, Brand Castle® has expanded the Aspen® product line to include gourmet hot chocolate and lemonade.

CandyCaneCrunch.com is the best peppermint crunch topping and ingredient you can find during the holiday season. While the product is simple, the recipes and treats you can create are endless! CandyCaneCrunch is available seasonably, for a limited time only.